Transit Of Venus : for flute(s)


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Transit Of Venus

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Transit Of Venus 1 (2004) 3'00" : study for flute. Written while waiting for pupils to arrive for a lesson on Friday 28th May 2004.

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Transit Of Venus 2 (2004) 3'00" : for flute duet. Written on Sunday 13th June.

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Transit Of Venus 3 (2004) 3'57" : for 2 solo flutes and 7 part choir - piccolo, 3 flutes, solo alto flute (flute 4), 2nd alto flute and bass flute, N.B. the 3rd flute part only uses one note, open c# throughout. Dedicated to David Cubbin in memorium, my first flute teacher in Adelaide. Written 15th - 19th July. For the moment, e-mail me to request a set of parts. These will be made available here soon to download.


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While waiting for pupils, I began to play an exercise first put to me by my flute teacher, David Cubbin, 'On playing the open note c sharp, listen to it's tone colour and test it strength, then moving to the d, observe the closing of the colour, repeat, try to even the difference between the colour of both notes.' The room in which I was playing was quite resonant and playing more rapidly surrounding with other notes high and low, see Programme Notes here.

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