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This site uses the FREE Sibelius Scorch plug-in which lets you see and play scores using the MIDI sounds in your PCs soundcard. Scorch enables transposition, changing instruments, saving and printing Sibelius scores from within your internet browser, e.g Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, Mozilla, Camino etc. Available for Mac OS9 and OSX and Windows 95/98/NT4/me/2000/XP ... see also Blog entry Scorch & Info.

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Alternative downloads are available in the following file types:

This icon is used to link to MP3 audio files. MP3 was developed by the Fraunhofer Institut. See Wikipedia MP3


MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a protocol for music devices to share music data. MIDI files are very small and suitable for a dial-up connection. MIDI Manufacturer's Association also article: MIDI by Trevor Chapman and Wikipedia MIDI


Scores and parts are also available to download then print and view within a browser or reader. PDF - ADOBE 'Portable Document Format'. See What Is Adobe PDF? and the Schubert-IT plugin for OSX
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by Apple Computer is a multi-media application. The movie content of this site uses QuickTime .mov and some audio files are in QuickTime format.


is a multimedia player which offers acceptable quality for a small file size for access via a dial-up connection.

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Microsoft media player for Windows and also available for MAC OS 9 & OS X.
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