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I strongly recommend Garritan Personal Orchestra which I use to hear the scores while I write.

Walks & Views In Dorset

Badbury Rings riff
Four pieces written for Symphonic Wind Orchestra - Walks & Views In Dorset commissioned by Patrick Ryan for The Band of the West Midlands Fire Service is a series of pieces written by John Wesley Barker which draw their inspiration from places we have grown to know and love. We hope to share the feelings for these places through music. The pieces are dedicated to Liz, my wife and companion in this journey through life, places and music.
  1. Houns-tout - I have found little to help me understand the name of this location which affords one of the finest views of the south coast on the Isle Of Purbeck.
  2. Badbury Rings - The ancient hillfort comprising at least three large concentric mounds.
  3. Moonfleet - the Fleet is the sheltered water behind Chesil Beach and a very romantic location.
  4. Dancing Ledge - a disused quarry and magnet for cliff climbers, in Victorian times a local school teacher carved a swimming pool from the rock for his school.

Nickolai of the North

Music and songs for Nickolai Of The North at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis. The idea for Nickolai of the North came from a conversation between the author, local writer Lucy Daniel Raby, and daughter ten years ago, when Isabel asked, ‘Who filled Santa’s stocking when he was a boy?’ This triggered more question about the early years of Young Santa, and much background research, plotting and planning around this pre-existing myth. Lucy turned her story into a book. Nickolai of the North is about why Santa carries out his mission every year - how he lost his magical elfin kingdom under the ice at the North Pole, met the reindeer, went in search of his identity and eventually saved the world’s children from the evil Queen Magda.


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I strongly recommend Garritan Personal Orchestra which I use to hear the scores while I write.
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