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About Me - John Wesley Barker | Composer, Musician, Teacher & Lecturer

Composer | Musician | Teacher | Lecturer

open quoteI have been blessed by a love of music and some abilities enabling me to do what I love doing the most - music. I try to achieve a balance between music as CRAFT - SPIRITUALITY - PASSION.

I understand music to be a way of connecting. To connect the soul to the heart and mind through beauty and truth.

While journeying through life I have tried to experience many different ways of engaging with music, musicians and audience. It now seems there isn’t a role I haven’t done in music. Flute player, choir boy, conductor, string arranger, operating a record press, recording engineer, free jazz saxophone player, rock drummer, congas, peripatetic teacher, university lecturer, bamboo flute maker, music leader in youth groups, sound effect editor, location recording, music technologist, assistant composer, copyist, amanuensis, percussionist, composer etc etc

And yet I still there is so much to do and experience. I’ve never said, “no” to work I feel I can do. If you wish to deploy me on a project you need musical help with, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements. I look forward to hearing from you soon.close quote

Pentle Bay, Tresco

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